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Proud of Who You Are - Empathy Card

Proud of Who You Are - Empathy Card

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About this card: "I used to be a middle school teacher, and I really wanted to design a card to honor my students who would be brave and share a part of their identity with me and other classmates or teachers. I particularly wanted to create a card in honor of my students who came as trans during my teaching years. I knew I wanted it to be these butterflies flying against a dark background, but I wrote and rewrote the message of this card, trying to simplify everything I wanted them to hear. In the end, it really all boiled down to this statement, that I’m proud of who you are. And no matter who we are, I think that’s a message that a lot of us need to hear, for whatever parts of our identity that makes us, US."

Measures 4.25" x 5.5".

A2 Size.

100% recycled paper (card and envelope).

Made in USA (Washington state) with Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable printing.

Folded card, blank inside.

Kraft envelope.

Protected by commercially compostable clear sleeve.

Made in United States of America